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Barry Kluger-Bell, PhD

Inquiry Science Educator

"Moving towards Inquiry in the classroom means turning

more responsibility for learning over to the students."

Barry Kluger-Bell

My Services

From half-day awareness workshops to week-long institutes, I provide professional development and consulting services in inquiry-based science to a wide range of educators across the US. Typically, my workshops have a large experiential (hands-on) component that forms the basis for discussion, reflection and planning.  

Some of my recent and current projects include:

Institute for Inquiry – Fundamentals of Inquiry Institute – Professional Development for Professional Developers

I led the team that planned and delivered the week-long institute for 40 science professional developers. This institute introduces people to the Fundamentals of Inquiry professional development curriculum and provides them with guidance on delivering strong professional development sessions.

BAYSCI – K-5 Teacher Professional Development

In collaboration with Exploratorium Institute for Inquiry and the Lawrence Hall of Science, I provided week-long workshops for teachers from several Bay Area school districts that have adopted the FOSS science curriculum.

Oklahoma Museum Network – Museum Educators and Teachers

In collaboration with the Exploratorium Institute for Inquiry, I provided several multi-day workshops addressing the fundamentals of inquiry education and the connection between museums and K-12 teacher professional development. We also conducted training, activities and debriefing for Oklahoma-based professional developers.

Science Museum of Minnesota, School Outreach Program – Professional Development for Outreach Staff

I am providing professional development in inquiry activity design and inquiry teaching for museum staff who travel to schools throughout the state to provide presentations and classroom lessons.

Institute for Scientist and Engineer Educators (ISEE), UC Santa Cruz – Professional Development for Science and Engineering Graduate Student teaching in an Education and Outreach Program

I work closely with staff of the ISEE program to plan, develop activities for and teach a series of workshops to prepare participants to design and teach inquiry activities for participants in ISEE’s education programs.

Integrating Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Education (iSTEM), University of Colorado, Boulder – Consulting for Baseline Survey

I collaborated in interviewing existing STEM education program on campus, analyzed the result and reported conclusions to the project management team and external evaluator.

Boulder Journey School – Professional Development and Classroom Consultation for Reggio-based Infant and Preschool Program

I provide hands-on, inquiry learning experiences in science topics of interest in preschool classrooms to the teachers at this school. I also work with the teachers to help them realize the potential science in topics that arise in their classrooms (e.g. reflections from a mirrored ball.)

Hyde Leadership Charter School, Bronx, NY – Consultation on Laboratory Design

I advised the school on the factors that they should consider in designing new science laboratories for their school.