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Barry Kluger-Bell, PhD

Inquiry Science Educator

"Understanding—connections between old experience and new and

sense made of one’s experience in the world—is built by interacting

with that world and reflecting on those interactions.

Barry Kluger-Bell

About Me

I started my career as a nuclear physics researcher. However, while still in graduate school at the University of Colorado at Boulder I began working with David and France Hawkins, leaders of the education reform movement in the 1960's and 70's at the Mountain View Center for Environmental Education.

I soon found that the intellectual challenges of learning were at least as formidable (and intriguing!) as those of nuclear physics.

As I result, rather than pursuing research, I have focused on science education since completing my Ph.D.

Early in my career, I taught and directed in a program for under-represented students at the University of California at Berkeley, taught physics and math for four years at Chabot College, and directed the Bay Area Science Project at the Lawrence Hall of Science (UC Berkeley).

From 1988 through 2009 I worked at the Exploratorium Science Museum, where I was Assistant Director for Science for the Institute for Inquiry. At the Institute for Inquiry I:

  • Worked with K-12 teachers modeling hands-on inquiry science education with their students in the classroom
  • Provided professional development for classroom teachers in inquiry science
  • Provided professional development for science professionals
  • Provided professional development for museum educators (nationally and internationally)
  • Provided consultation for implementing system-wide inquiry science programs
  • Worked with national science research centers to provide in-depth training for science graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and education directors
  • Developed inquiry science based curriculum
  • Designed new professional development activities and programs

In 2009, I moved back to Colorado, where I started my professional career. Here I work as a independent science education consultant.